This page contains information useful for students in Mr. Groves' General Chemistry class.
The colors represent Units of Study.

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Units of Study
1 What Do Chemists See When They Look At Chemicals?
Models, Formulas, Organic Chemistry, Macroscopic/Microscopic/Symbolic Worlds
Standards 10
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat] / UbD Stage 1 & 2 [Word | Acrobat]
2 What Can We Measure About Chemicals?
Elements, Masses, Formula Mass, % Composition, Density, Moles, Molar Masses, Mole Conversions
Standards 3
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat] / UbD Stage 1 & 2 [Word | Acrobat]
3 What Happens When Chemicals Are Put Together?
Combustion, Types of Reactions, Chemical Equations, Balancing Equations, Stoichiometry
Standards 3
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat] / UbD Stage 1 & 2 [Word | Acrobat]
4 How Do We Classify Chemicals?
Operational and Conceptual Definitions, Acids, Bases, & Salts, Neutralization, Molarity, Titration, Weak Acid Equilibrium, pH, Le Châtelier's Principle
Standards 5, 6, and 9
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat]
5 What Do Atoms Look Like?
Parts of the Atom, Electron Configurations, Isotopes, Molar Masses, Nuclear Chemistry
Standards 1
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat]
6 What Is The Nucleus Like?
Nuclear Chemistry
Standards 11
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]
7 How Do Atoms Stick Together?
Valence Electrons, Lewis Electron-Dot Structures, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, The Periodic Table and Electronic Structure, Electronegativity
Standards 2
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat]
8 Why Do Hot Air Balloons Float?
Pressure, Pressure Conversions, Boyle's Law, Kelvin Temperature Scale, Combined Gas Law, Ideal Gas Law
Standards 4
Study List [Word | Acrobat] / 8-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] and Answers (.GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2]
9 How Do Liquids, Solids, and Solutions Differ From Gases?
Intermolecular Forces of Attraction, Polar vs. Non-polar Molecules, Hydrogen Bonding, Metals, Network Solids, Solutions & Colligative Properties
Standards 6 and 7
10 Rates of Reactions: Halloween Revisited
Rates of Reactions, Factors That Affect Reaction Rate, P.E. Diagrams, Activation Energy, K.E. Distribution, Collision Theory, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Catalysts
Standards 8

Day-By-Day Listing

Wednesday (9/6)

In Class: Intro to the Room, Starting with Organic Chemistry, Model Play Time, Hydrocarbons Are Good Fuels (methane, ethane, propane, butane, octane), Counting 1-10 in Chemistry, Elements, Atoms, Molecules, Molecular Formulas, Structural Formulas, Misleading Features of Structural Formulas vs. Models, Formula for Writing Molecular Formulas CnH2n+2, Isomers, Whip-Around-Pass-Option Sharing of Ideas.
Homework: Actively Study information from First Day (as though there is a test next time).
Handouts: Class Syllabus [Word | Acrobat] / Safety Rules [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (9/8)
In Class: Practice Quiz on 1st Day info, Passive vs. Active learning of material and Success on Prac Qz, Model Kits, Substituted Hydrocarbons, Naming Isomers, Numbering Carbons, Parent Chains & Side Groups, Study Lists (an Active Learning strategy).
Homework: Study for quiz next class. Visit and see where to download Study Cards.
Handouts: Study Cards on Chemmybear (click on link to the General Chemistry cards--Ch 24)Practice Quiz [Word | Acrobat], Study List1 [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (9/12)
In Class: Pick up Textbook, Practice Problems for Quiz, Alkane Quiz, Safety Video (Accident at Jefferson High School).
Homework: Study Ideas from first two days.
Handouts: Ch 24 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] / Alkane Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (9/14)
In Class: POB--Naming Hydrocarbon, Models -- double & triple bonds (cis & trans), Safety Lecture, Safety Quiz
Homework: Begin Nomenclature Worksheet, Use Study Cards to make Flash Cards, Begin Practice Test.
Handouts: Two-sided Hydrocarbon Wksheet (no online version).

Monday (9/18)
In Class: POB Hydrocarbon Question, Alkene Quiz, Alkene Quiz, Add oxygen--functional groups (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers).
Homework: Work on Practice Test, Work on Nomenclature Worksheet.
Handouts: None.

Wednesday (9/20)
In Class: Oxygen Atoms & Functional Groups, Benzene, Benzene Derivatives, Paper Model of Alcohol + Acid --> Ester + H2O, Paper Model of Condensation Reaction Between Amino Acids.
Homework: Ch 24: Read Sections 24.9, 24.12 - 24.17. Learn to recognize (not name) functional groups, Join three paper amino acids into a protein, Finish Naming & Functional Group Worksheet. Study for Quiz on Functional Groups, Finish Practice Test.
Handouts: Functional Group Note Sheet [Word | Acrobat] / Paper Model of Acid, Alcohol, and Amino Acids (no online version)

Friday (9/22)
In Class: Questions about worksheets, Quiz on Functional Groups, Esterification, Esterification Labette, Polymerization, Review for Unit Exam.
Homework: Online Tutorial about Polymers, and another Online Tutorial about Condensation of Biological Polymers.
Handout: Answers to Functional Group Practice [Word | Acrobat]
Answers to Picture Worksheet (.GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2]
Practice Test Answers (.GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2]

Tuesday (9/26)
In Class: Questios, Quiz on Esterification and Biological Polymers, Nine-Station Review.
Homework: Study for Unit Test.
Handouts: Nine Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (9/28)
In Class: Turn in Three Worksheets, Last Minute Questions, Unit 1 Test, Element Flash Cards (3 piles), Masses of Elements, Masses of Molecules.
Homework: Study for Element Quiz, Try Percentage Composition Worksheet. Memorize Element Symbols and Names, Quiz on Elements next two class periods.
Handouts: Percent Composition [Word | Acrobat] and Answers (.GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2] / Element Flash Cards Page 1 [Word | Acrobat] Page 2 [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (9/27)
In Class: The Seven Diatomic Elements, Element Quiz 1, Making Scientific Measurements, Use of the Electronic Balance, Density Labette, Showing Calculations (vs. Doing Calculations), Collect Class Data, Comparing Values (Accuracy vs. Precision).
Homework: Study for Percent Composition Quiz and Element Quiz 2, Read Sections 2-9 through 2-12, Complete Accuracy vs. Precision Worksheet and Measurement Worksheets.
Handouts: Accuracy vs. Precision Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat] / Making Scientific Measurements (no online version) / Measurements Worksheet (no online version)

Thursday (9/29)
In Class: Return Element Quiz 1, Element Quiz 2, Review Percent Composition Worksheet, Fraction & Percent Composition Quiz, Reviewing Accuracy and Precision Worksheet--Reporting Accuracy Using % Error & Reporting Precision Using ± Notation, Revisiting the Density Labette.
Homework: Complete Accuracy & Precision Worksheet (see Answers on 9.27), Study for Accuracy and Precision Quiz, Write Up Density Labette.
Handouts: Density Labette Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (10/3)
In Class: Turn in Density Lab, Accuracy and Precision Quiz, Dimensional Analysis
Homework: Finish worksheet and study for the Dimensional Analysis Quiz, View Online Tutorial about Dimensional Analysis, Complete the Dimensional Analysis Practice Worksheet 2.
Handouts: Time Problems and Dimensional Analysis [Word | Acrobat]
Answers: Dimensional Analysis Worksheet 1 with ANSWERS [Word | Acrobat] / Dimensional Analysis Practice [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (10/5)
In Class: A.S. Whack-A-Mole, Review Mole Ideas (1 mole = gram molecular mass; 1 mole = 22.4 L; 1 mole = 6.02 x 1023, Review Homework (Dimensional Analysis Practice), Practice Problem on Dimensional Analysis, Conversion Factor Cards, Mole Calculations, Turn in the Accuracy/Precision Worksheet & Density Lab Handout.
Homework: View Online Tutorial about Scientific Notation, Complete Mole Problem Worksheets.
Handouts: Unit 2 Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Mole Calculation Practice (3 levels) [Word | Acrobat] and Answers (.GIF)

Friday (10/7)
In Class: P.O.B., Demonstration (Decomposition of Sucrose), More Mole Calculations--Group Problem Solving, Right Brain Look at Mole Calculations, Look at Study List, Clean Up Ideas (scientific notation, rounding numbers, significant figures, metric system).
Homework: Complete Mole Calculation Worksheets 2 & 3.
Handouts: Mole Calculation Practice (3 levels) [Word | Acrobat] / Dimensional Analysis w/Metric Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (10/11)
In Class: P.O.B. Mole Problem, Return Papers, Review Study List, Practice Test.
Homework: Study for Mole Quiz, Review Practice Test for any areas that need work.
Handouts: Unit 2 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] and Answers.

Thursday (10/13)
In Class: Mole Quiz, Color Day Demonstration, 8-Station Review, Answer Questions from Practice Test
Homework: Study for Unit 2 Exam
Handouts: Review MiniSheets [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (10/17)
In Class: Last Minute Questions, Unit 2 Test, Demonstration, Writing and Balancing Combustion Equations.
Homework: Finish Combustion Worksheet.
Handouts: Combustion Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] and Answers (.GIF)

Wednesday (10/19)
In Class: Present Big Question: What Happens When Chemicals are Put Together?, Brainstorm What Happens, Baggie Lab, Brainstorm Chemicals We Have Seen Put Together, Look For TYPES of Reactions--Combustion, Review Writing and Balancing Combustion Equations (Terms: Products, Reactants, Coefficients)
Homework: Study Combustion Equations for Quiz.
Handouts: Baggie Lab [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (10/21)
In Class: Combustion Equation Quiz, Testing Electrolytes (alcohol, pure water, salt water, sugar water, soda, vinegar, ammonia, etc.), What are Ions, Memorizing Ions, Organize Your Ions, Filter Baggie Products.
Homework: Memorize Your Ions.
Handouts: 40 Ions [Word | Acrobat] / Ion Flash Cards (Acrobat) [Page 1 | Page 2] / Organize Your Ions [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (10/25)
In Class: Writing Ionic Compounds, Ion Bingo, Ion Quiz 1
Homework: Finish Ionic Compound Worksheet
Handouts: Ionic Compound Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (10/27)
In Class: Halloween Lecture (Combustion, Equations, and Speeds of Reactions)
Homework: None.
Handouts: None.

Tuesday (11/1)
In Class: Ion Bee, Ion Quiz 2, Balancing Equations (Not Just Combustion).
Homework: Finish Balancing Equations Worksheet, Study Ions.
Handouts: Balancing Equations Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] / Study List [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (11/3)
In Class: Practice Ion Worksheet, Ion Quiz 3, Naming Acids (based on anions), Ionic Compound Worksheet 2, Balancing Equations Review, Balancing Equations Worksheet 2.
Homework: Complete three worksheets.
Handouts: Naming Acids Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Balancing Equations 2 (GIF) / Ionic Compounds Worksheet 2 [Word | Acrobat] / Answers to Naming Acids [Word | Acrobat] / Answers to Writing Ionic Compounds 2 [Word | Acrobat] / Answers to Balancing Equations 2 (GIF).

Monday (11/7)
In Class: P.O.B.--Compounds into Ions, Demo" Forming a Precipitate, One Type of Reaction, New Combinations of Ions, Molecular Equations, Solubility of Ionic Compounds, Ions that are Always Soluble, PPT means Cloudy, not Colored, PPT Lab
Homework: Finish PPT Lab Page 1 (Predicting Products).
Handouts: PPT Lab [Word | Acrobat] / Solubility Chart [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (11/9)
In Class: P.O.B.--Balancing Equations & Writing Ionic Compoudns, Last Minute Questions, Quiz on Balancing Equations and Writing Ionic Compounds, Molecular, Ionic and Net Ionic Equations, Types of Reactions, Test Baggie Products, Types of Reactions Worksheet.
Homework: Finish PPT Lab, Finish Types of Reactions Worksheet, Work on Practice Test, Study Ions for MegaIon Quiz.
Handouts: Types of Reactions Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (11/14)
In Class: Practice Mega Ion Quiz, Chemical Math (new conversion factor), Pre-lab Natural History of Airs Lab--chemical reactions & collecting gases, Review Practice Test.
Homework: Memorize Ions for Mega Ion Quiz, Read Lab.
Handouts: Chemical Math [Word | Acrobat] / Natural History of Airs Lab [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (11/16)
In Class: Mega Ion Quiz (20), Natural History of Airs Lab
Homework: Study your ions.
Handouts: Notes of Natural History of Airs Lab [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (11/18)
In Class: 9-Station Review for Unit 3. Mega Ion Quiz (19)
Homework: Study For Exam on Tuesday.
Handouts: Nine Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat] / Chemical Math Answers [Word | Acrobat] / Extra Practice Quiz [Word | Acrobat] and ANSWERS (.gif)

Tuesday (11/22)
In Class: Last Minute Questions, Unit 3 Test
Homework: None.

Monday (11/28) In Class: Intro Unit 4: Besides Organic & Electrolytes, How Can We Classify Chemicals, Cabbage Lab, Operational Definitions of Acids & Bases, Theoretical Definition of Acids and Bases, Turn in Cabbage Lab Data and Follow-Up Sheet.
Homework: Do Reading Notes 4.1, Dissociation Worksheet.
Handouts: Cabbage Lab Follow Up [Word | Acrobat] / Reading Notes 4.1 [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (11/30) In Class: Turn in 1st Semester Reflections (Whip-around), Answer Questions, Turn in Reading Notes, Turn in Dissociation Worksheet, Quiz on Acid Dissociation Equations, Acid-Base Neutralization, Double Replacement with the Formation of Water, Water as a VERY Weak Electrolyte.
Homework: Finish Neutralization Worksheet
Handouts: Neutralization Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (12/2) In Class: Questions, Turn in Neutralization Worksheet, Quiz on Neutralization Reactions, Understanding pH -- Background Skills Needed (solutions & molarity), Solutions (solvent, solute, solution), Making a Solution Correctly (volumetric flask), Quantifying Concentration (Molarity), Molarity Calculations (making solutions, dilutions)
Homework: Do Molarity Worksheet, Complete Reading Notes 4.2, Check off Study List items you can do, Compile questions you have so far.
Handouts: Reading Notes 4.2 [Word | Acrobat] / Molarity Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Unit Study List [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (12/6) In Class: Return Papers, Answer Questions, Turn in Molarity Worksheet, Quiz on Molarity & Dilutions, Titrations, Phenolphthalein Indicator
Homework: Complete Vinegar Titration Worksheet
Handouts: Titration Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Vinegar Titration Labette [Word | Acrobat] / Titration Lab [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (12/8)
In Class: Answer Questions, Why Is Vinegar A Weak Electrolyte (Dissociation Equilibrium), Kw and the Water Equilibrium (Another Weak Electrolyte), The Z Diagram, [H+] & [OH-], Biologists and pH.
Homework: Do Unit 4 Practice Test
Handouts: pH & Molarity Notes [Word | Acrobat] / pH Worksheet / Molarity Worksheet / Unit 4 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (12/12)
In Class: Turn In pH Worksheet, Quiz on pH, Carefully Review Practice Unit 4 Test
Homework: Study For Unit 4 Test
Handouts: None.

Wednesday (12/14)
In Class: 9-Station Review
Homework: Study For Unit 4 Test
Handouts: 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] / Answers [Word | Acrobat].

Friday (12/16)
In Class: Last Minute Questions, Unit 4 Test, Turn in 9-Station Review
Homework: Design & Cut Out Ornament Tape.
Handouts: None.

Tuesday (12/20)
In Class: Ornament (Redox) Notes, Begin work on Ornaments, Turn in Ornament Notes.
Homework: None.
Handouts: None.

Thursday (12/22)
In Class: Finish Ornaments, Redox Demonstrations, Chemistry Christmas Carols.
Homework: Enjoy Winter Break... Rest Your Brains.
Handouts: None.

Tuesday (1/10)
In Class: Unit 5: What Do Atoms Look Like?, Group Discussion, Model of Atom
Homework: Study notes from class
Link: Structure of the Atom (Acrobat) -- This picture (and especially the caption at the bottom) will help with the scale of electrons vs. protons vs. the atom.
Handouts: Atom Notes [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (1/12)
In Class: P.O.B.--Parts of the Atom, More information on the Nuclear Model of the atom.
Homework: None.
Handouts: None.

Wednesday (1/18)
In Class: How Do You Visualize Yourself Doing On The Midterm Exam?, Brainstorm Study Ideas and Roadblocks, Where Do Electrons Live, The Atomic Hotel.
Homework: Study for Midterm Exam
Handouts: Atomic Hotel [Word | Acrobat] / Practice Midterm Exam [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (1/20)
In Class: Atom Quiz, Practice Electron Configurations, Video: Atomic Orbitals, Grades.
Homework: Study for Midterm.
Handouts: None.

Monday (1/23)
In Class: Nine-Station Review.
Homework: Study for Midterm.
Handouts: 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (1/25)
Thursday (1/26)

In Class: Final Exam.
Homework: Check Grades for Borderline.
Handouts: None.

Tuesday (1/31)
In Class: Reflections on First Semester, Demo: Cathode Ray Tube, Classifying the Elements, Properties of Elements, Video: Chemical Families, Hand in Video Notes.
Homework: Guided Inquiry--The Nuclear Atom. Work alone or with any partner(s). All answers can be found on the Chart.
Handouts: First Semester Reflections [Word | Acrobat] / Properties & Trends Lecture Notes [Word | Acrobat] / Nuclear Atom Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Nuclear Atoms Schematic Diagrams (GIF)

Thursday (2/2)
In Class: Families of the Periodic Table (color-coding activity), Properties of the Families, Big Question: Are All Elements Different or Are There Groups of Elements?, Practice Activity.
Homework: Study the Families and their Properties. Expect a Quiz.
Handouts: Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Color Your Own Periodic Table [Acrobat] / Video Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Atomic Size [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (2/6)
In Class: P.O.B.--Practice Quiz, Demo: Sodium metal, Mg and Ca metals, The Size of an Atom is the Size of the Electron Cloud, Trends in Size, Sizes of Ions, Periodic Trends.
Homework: Take Practice Test
Handouts: Unit 5 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] and ANSWERS (.GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3]

Wednesday (2/8)
In Class: Go over practice test, 9-Station Review
Homework: Study for Exam.
Handouts: 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] / Answers [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (2/10)
In Class: Last Minute Questions, Unit 5 Test, Begin Unit 6 -- Radioactivity with story and orange Fiestaware.
Homework: None.
Handouts: None.

Wednesday (2/15)
In Class: How Do We Know Radioactivity Exists?, Building Cloud Chambers, (Picture), Video Worksheet
Homework: Study what you have learned. Be ready for a Quiz on the History of Radioactivity & Nuclear Equations, Visit this website: and read about Marie Curie.
Handouts: Nuclear Video Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Nuclear Equations [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (2/17)
In Class: Answer Questions, Does Radioactivity Last Forever? Half Life Activity, Half Life Problems.
Homework: none
Handouts: Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Half Life Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (2/22)
In Class: Review Study Cards on History, Review Nuclear Equation Worksheet & turn it in, Quiz on History & Nuclear Equations, Uses of Radioactivity Handout, Energy from Nuclear Changes.
Homework: Study for Quiz on Half-life problems & Uses of Radioactivity.
Handouts: Uses of Radioactivity [Word | Acrobat] / Energy in Nuclear Changes [Word | Acrobat] / Ch 26 Study Cards

Friday (2/24)
In Class: Energy from Nuclear Changes, Turn in Half-Life Worksheet, Nuclear Reactors, Dangers of Radiation, Videos.
Homework: Pull together your notes. View Online Tutorial about Balancing Nuclear Reactions. The other tutorials are also great.
Handouts: None.

Tuesday (2/28)
In Class: Nine Station Review Activity
Homework: Study for Test
Handouts: Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] / Review Activity Stations [Word | Acrobat] and Answers [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (3/2)
In Class: Questions, Turn in Handouts, Unit 6 Test, Begin Unit 7 with Lewis Symbols.
Homework: None
Handouts: Electron Configurations [Word | Acrobat] / Unit 7 Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Lewis Practice [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (3/6)
In Class: Review Orbital Diagrams and Introduce Lewis Dot Symbols, Three Types of Bonds, Recognizing Bond Types.
Homework: Review Information from Today for a Quiz on Wednesday. View Online Tutorial on Bonding
Handouts: Lecture Notes A [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (3/8)
In Class: P.O.B. (Practice Quiz), Demo: Sodium Metal & Chlorine Gas, Quiz on Metals, Nonmetals, Types of Bonds, and Lewis Symbols, Video "Chemical Bonding".
Homework: Complete front page of Lewis Dot Diagram Worksheet.
Handouts: Lewis Dot Diagrams [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (3/10)
In Class: Return Quizzes,
Homework: Study for quiz on Properties of Solids, View Online Tutorial on Lewis Dot Structures (just the beginning...)
Handouts: Solids & Properties [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (3/14)
In Class: P.O.B., Video: Diamonds, Turn in Properties Wksht, Quiz on Properties of Solids, Video Review: Electronegativity, Electronegativity Worksheet, Demonstration: Bending Water, Shapes of Molecules.
Homework: Finish Electronegativity Worksheet, Study for Quiz on Electronegativity on Thursday.
Handouts: Electronegativity Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (3/16)
In Class: Review & Turn in Electronegativity Worksheet, Quiz on Electronegativity, Video: World of Chemistry--Bonding, Shapes of Molecules (Lecture Chart)
Homework: Study Shapes Chart, Prepare for Quiz on Shapes.
Handouts: Bonding Video Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Monday (3/20)
In Class: Concept Attainment P.O.B., Worksheet, Video: VSEPR, Milk & Food Color Activity.
Homework: Study Lecture Notes.
Handouts: Concept Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] , Lecture Notes B [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (3/22)
In Class: P.O.B., Shape/Polarity Quiz, Lecture Notes B
Homework: Study for Retake of Shapes Quiz

Friday (3/24)
In Class: Return Shape/Polarity Quiz, Retake Shapes Quiz, Nine-Station Review, Video: Atom Bond, Practice Test
Homework: Study for Unit 7 Test.
Handouts: 9-Station Review [Word | Acrobat] / Unit 7 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat] and Answers (GIF) [Page 1 | Page 2]

Tuesday (3/28)
In Class: Last Minute Questions, Unit 7 Test. Pizza Math Worksheet.
Homework: Finish Pizza Graphs, You Can Use the Create-A-Graph Site.
Handouts: Pizza Graphs [Word | Acrobat] / Titration Lab [Word | Acrobat]

Thursday (3/30)
In Class: Turn in Pizza Graphs, Last minute instructions for Titration Lab, Titration Lab, Turn in data for titration lab.
Homework: None.
Handouts: None.

Monday (4/10)
In Class: Why Do Hot Air Balloons Float?, Variables You Can Measure About a Balloon, Closer Look at Pressure Units, Converting Pressure Units (Worksheet), Turn in Pressure Worksheet, Review Pizza Graphs, Pre-Lab PV Lab, Collect Pressure Temperature Data, What Does Pressure Look Like?, What Does Temperature Look Like?, Is Zero oC Really Zero Motion?, Kelvin Temperature.
Homework: Read PV Lab worksheet, Do Kelvin Temperature Worksheet.
Handouts: Pressure Units [Word | Acrobat] / PV Lab [Word | Acrobat] / Kelvin Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Wednesday (4/12)
In Class: Turn in Kelvin Worksheet, Review Pressure Worksheet, Review PV Lab and work on Questions, Collect Pressure Volume Data, Boyle's Law Development, Doing Boyle's Law Problems.
Homework: Finish PV Lab worksheet, Boyle's Law Worksheet
Handouts: Boyle's Law Worksheet [Word | Acrobat]

Friday (4/14) In Class: Turn in PV Lab, Review the Four Variables; Gay-Lussac's Law; Charles' Law, Combined Gas Law, Ideal Gas Law; Why Do All Gases Act The Same?
Homework: Work on Worksheets, Prepare for Gas Law Quiz on Tuesday (Mr. Groves will be gone.)
Handouts: Study List [Word | Acrobat] / Charles' Law Worksheet [Word | Acrobat] / Combined Gas Law [Word | Acrobat] / Ideal Gas Law [Word | Acrobat]

Tuesday (4/18) In Class: Review Worksheets, Quiz on Gas Laws, Video.
Homework: Review Worksheets.
Handouts: Answer Sheets to Worksheets: Answers: Boyle (.GIF) / Charles (.GIF) / Combined (.GIF) [Worksheet | Scratch Paper] / Ideal Gas Law (.GIF) [Worksheet | Scratch1 | Scratch2]

Thursday (4/20) In Class: 9-Station Review
Homework: Study for Unit 8 Test
Handouts: Unit 8 Practice Test [Word | Acrobat]

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